How to Rent a Business Address

business address rental

When you decide to rent a business address, you’ll be giving yourself and your clients an easy, central point of contact. The service will also increase your credibility and validity. When your customers and clients contact you by mail, they’ll have a central point of contact that they can trust. Using a good business address rental service is a great way to do this.


Business address rental is a convenient solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Not only can it reduce overheads, but also enable more flexible staffing, such as letting employees work from home. It also helps to boost a business’ credibility by providing a centralized point of contact. This service is not only convenient but also helps to protect individuals’ privacy.

The cost of a business address rental is usually in the double-digits per month, though the amount you pay depends on several factors. Many providers also offer mail handling, which can vary widely.


When you are looking to rent a business address, there are several things to consider. It is important that you choose a company that offers privacy protection. Your home address will be used for many reasons, including legal purposes, receiving mail and boosting your credibility. It is also important to consider the privacy of your customers. Google is one of the largest search engines and takes address into consideration when ranking websites.

Costs of renting a mailbox with a street address

There are a number of different ways to rent a mailbox with a street address for your business. You can pay for a one-month rental, a three-month rental, or a 12-month rental. Generally, the best deal is to rent a box for six months or more. However, some post offices offer special deals such as a “baker’s dozen” promotion, which allows you to get the thirteenth month free.

The USPS also offers change-of-address services, and changing your address is only $1. Another option is a virtual mailbox. This service allows you to use a virtual address to promote your business online, as well as to share it with customers and investors. Regardless of which option you choose, renting a mailbox with a street address is an easy process and can be done in as little as a day.

Alternatives to renting a physical office

If you need professional space but cannot afford the costs of a full-on office, you can rent part of an existing office or find a roommate. If you know someone with similar needs, this can be a very easy option. If not, try looking for older businesses that may have leased space that they no longer need or cannot fill in the current economy. You can also post an ad on a site like Open Office Space to find a space available for rent.